WISeCoin the permissionless distributed Identity ledger for a Trusted Internet

Paving the way for the mainstream adoption of 4th industrial revolution technologies through security

WISeCoin is a Trusted Distributed Ledger Technology of Identity to store objects and people's identity. It offers connected objects the ability to identify, authenticate and verify each other with a digital certificate. For each interaction, the Blockchain of Identity will verify the validity of each digital certificate to secure the interaction. To compensate the use of the platform, a micro service fee is charged through a utility token, called the WISeCoin token.

Our Solutions

We have developed an innovative way to safely enable connected objects to interact with each other through the use of semiconductors, digital identities, public key infrastructures, and much more. Learn more


We help organizations innovate with the implementation of blockchain solutions tailored to their needs using our platform and our expertise in cybersecurity. Learn more


An ecosystem designed to bring security to new heights

Years of preparation to materialize a vision of a secured future

Press news


WISeKey Challenges HTC, Sirin Labs with New Blockchain-Based Smartphone - Cryptovest

Swiss-based WISeKey is releasing a blockchain-based smartphone that will integrate a proprietary digital asset wallet.

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